I am currently working on a biweekly newsletter where I will share recommendations of anything I consumed in some way and liked. In the meantime, below are the most recent books I’ve read.
If you click on the cover of any book, you’ll be redirected to my full review of it on Goodreads.

Latest reads

The Rumi Daybook
it was amazing
by Rumi
A spirit lifter, like honey to your soul. Rumi’s words have the power to make you return to the present while forgetting about the concept of time and feeling in another space entirely. These 365 pages, containing poems and micro stori…
All About Love: New Visions
it was amazing
This was my first time reading anything by bell hooks, and it did not disappoint. In All About Love: New Visions, the author talks about the various aspects of love beyond romance. While exploring sexism, childhood trauma, and all-around…
The Bell Jar
liked it
Sylvia Plath’s renown masterpiece is wonderfully poetic, yet lacks a clear storyline. This doesn’t give way to a negative review, since I don’t believe her intention was to create an attractive fictitious world or to entertain; it’s quit…
liked it
Interesante cuento. Narrado desde el punto de vista de un hombre que se cree animal, luego un hombre que observa y se convierte en el animal que observa, hasta llegar al final donde el animal habla de él. Los cuentos cortos siempre me im…
What You Do Matters: Boxed Set: What Do You Do with an Idea?, What Do You Do with a Problem?, What Do You Do with a Chance?
it was amazing
What a beautiful and compelling set of books. From the beginning, the author’s notes to his children had my heart. Detailed illustrations make the messages stronger and heartening. Just like the books say, these are perfect for any age a…
Brave New World
it was amazing
I came to know about Aldous Huxley when I was reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, and I can’t believe this is my first time reading anything by him; what a wonderful storyteller and brilliant mind. Huxley carries out scenes to pe…
Hombres sin mujeres
it was amazing
Empecé leyendo este libro para tomar inspiración para una pintura, pero las descripciones detalladas y a la vez simbólicas de Murakami pintan imágenes mentales que son imposibles de replicar. Su forma de escribir es inteligente sin senti…